Sample Lesson (Session 1 from 12)

What is Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer?

Cindy Paine, a cancer survivor herself, opens the OWBFC Program by presenting the Clear-Connect-Create Method. She uses this method of transformation in her coaching practice. She describes how it will be applied for your support during the Optimal Well Being in the Face of Cancer program.

  • Tool #1: Grounding Cord Tool for Clearing.
This visualization is a perfect one to use to bring you present and get you grounded. If you find yourself worried or anxious about something that is currently happening, something that happened in the past, or something you are afraid might happen; or when you just feel emotional, in fear or have negative thoughts, this is a great tool to use to release whatever is bothering you and bring you into the awareness of the present moment.
  • Assignment:
Write out what Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer means for you. Look at it from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual essence.

Grounding Tool