Session 9

Managing Fears of Recurrence

When we are going through our cancer journey many of us tell our cancer story over and over and it may even become like a badge. By doing that, this story can keep us stuck. By retelling that story we disempower ourselves, it puts us right back into those feelings of fear. I encourage you here to begin to put your focus and attention on what we want to achieve NOW, or when you are complete with your cancer treatment. Do you want to run a marathon, write that book, start that business, travel to Italy, plant that organic garden? Begin to journal about something that is bigger than yourself, something you may have felt was impossible. It should be something a little out of reach, something you have been thinking about for a long time, or maybe something that has come up for you recently that you thought you couldn’t do now because of the cancer.

  • Tool #10: Releasing Fear Ritual
As we have mentioned, when you do this type of metaphysical work, space is created. The Universe rushes to fill a void. Take a moment at the end of the ritual and put out your prayers, vision, and affirmations you have created to the Universe. What do you want to put in the space of what you have released? When you feel complete, take a few deep breaths, thank the forces of the Universe who aligned with you and release them. Cindy’s prayer for you is Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer!
  • Assignment:
  1. Listen to the ritual again, and continue to do the work around managing your fears of reccurrence.
  2. Go back into the Library and re-experience one of the tools that you felt helped you.
  3. Update your vision board with the new ideas of what you want to set as a goal for yourself that is bigger than you. Fill in some action steps you can take that brings your goal closer.
  4. Keep practicing affirmations and prayers that feel good to you.

Releasing Fear Visualization