Session 6

Connecting with Spirit

When discussing Connecting with Spirit I am referring to connecting with that empowered part of you within, your thoughts, feelings and energy and all of your makeup; and having it work together with your higher power, the force, God, the Universe, however you perceive it. I encourage you, during this Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer Program to begin to embrace the concept of being a co-creator in your Universe. When you align with your own innate power that you were born to express, you have more impact on the effect of your circumstances. That power is co-creating with the unseen forces of the Universe. In our journey to create Optimal Well Being, when we muster our forces of the power within, and co-create with the unseen forces, we are creating a powerful possibility for our health and well-being. When we are clear about our thoughts, feelings and intentions, we can garner a tremendous amount of force to make a difference in our life.

  • Tool #7: Column of Light Visualization.
Use this visualization when you feel the need to connect with spirit, strength, courage, and positive feelings. Your Column of Light will protect you, and support you. It is there all the time, it feeds your energetic container. We build our personal column of light, the more we feed it strong spiritual messages, the stronger it gets. Use this tool when you go for treatment or when you just want that connection with spirit. It gives you strength, courage and positive feelings.
  • Assignment:
  1. Experience the Column of Light Visualization again and use this tool whenever you need a connection with Spirit.
  2. Write down some things you can do to start to nurture and strengthen your Energetic Container and then make them a regular part of your day.
  3. Write down three things you are grateful for every day in your Gratitude Journal

Column of Light Visualization