Session 5

Connecting with Nature

What is Connecting with Nature? Being connected with nature means to feel a connection with the earth, the grounded part of ourselves, being present, centered and calm. We have lost our feelings of being part of this community of life, and therefore we have lost a piece of ourselves. In this technological age, there is an apparent disconnection from our physical bodies and the earth, the plants, and animals. When was the last time you kicked off your shoes and walked in the grass? Feeling you are a part of the grand design of nature, the earth, the animals and plants, gives you a groundedness, a sense of the Sacred, while awakening your Spirit. It is a very self-loving act to give yourself permission to spend as much time as possible in and around nature. Especially when going through a health challenge, it is very important to be connected with your Self, Nature and Spirit.

  • Tool #5: Nature/Nurture – Hug a Tree - Visualization
Imagine yourself in nature at your special tree. This visualization is a great meditation to do when you can’t get out into nature. It is good for releasing, as well as being present and connected to nature. It is good to use when you need peace.
  • Tool #6: Colors in Nature Visualization.
Another way of using nature is to get in touch with colors we find in nature and understand what they signify. In my studies, I have learned that the color blue, is connected with the throat chakra. It also signifies peace. It is so interesting to me that the sky is painted blue, it could be any color, but here we are literally surrounded by peace every day. Green is everywhere, from the grass to the trees. Green is the color of the heart chakra, the color of love, abundance and healing. Yellow gold is connected with the solar plexus and is signified by the sun. In many cultures, the solar plexus is the seat of your identity and power center. Feeling the rays and warmth of the sun, taking in the beauty of the golden light, you can consciously fill your solar plexus and strengthen that sense of self-empowerment. When you walk outside visualize the sun, sky and grass feeding your peace, healing and empowerment.
  • Assignment:
  1. Make a list for yourself of what you love to do to connect with nature. Take a nice walk, watch a sunset, plant a garden, bird watching. Look at pictures of nature or draw nature.
  2. Whether you can get out into nature now or not, try the Nature/Nurture Visualization again.
  3. Find a touchstone to remain aligned with nature.

Hug a Tree Visualization

Nature Colors Tool