Session 4

Connecting with Self

Clearing is an ongoing process and as things come up, continue to the use the tools provided you to make sure you are Clear, acknowledging your feelings and releasing them when needed. The Connect portion of the program begins here. We approach Connecting from three areas: connecting with Self, connecting with Nature, and connecting with Spirit.

Connecting with Self means to be in alignment, being empowered, being in touch with your strengths and abilities. It is about falling in love with your Self. Your mind is clear and focused. Your Immune system is enhanced. The more connected I am with myself the easier it is to maintain Optimal Well Being. We were created to be sacred, magnificent beings! Doing this exercise is sacred, not selfish.

  • Tool #4: Falling in Love with Yourself Visualization.
Anchor your Falling in Love with Yourself list by reading it to yourself and really taking in the positive attributes that make you YOU! You can do this exercise anytime you want to feel empowered. This exercise also supports your immune system by bathing your cells in all those good feelings
  • Assignment:
  1. Keep adding to your list of Gifts, Talents and Abilities from the Falling in Love with Yourself Exercise.
  2. Keep adding to your list from the Falling in Love with Your Life Exercise. Continue to read these lists to yourself when you need uplifting thoughts and/or empowerment.
  3. Take a Daily Dose of Happy: Make a list and do at least one thing every day that makes you happy and puts a smile on your face.

Falling In Love With Yourself Visualization