Session 3

Clearing To Be Present

Cindy introduces Clearing to be Present and why it’s important to release any thoughts, fears, memories and patterns to help with your healing and to release stress in the body. She also discusses the importance of Intention and how your intention through this process is critical to its success.

The story you have in your mind, that you tell yourself and others about your initial diagnosis is an important one. That is a moment in time that, for most people, stays frozen. Cindy uses the Re-Creation Technique. By telling that story one more time fully, with intention, and in as much detail as you can recall, you can release the “charge” (stress and anxiety), so you can have a place to create from and write a new story for yourself.

  • Tool #3: Hot Air Balloon Visualization.
Many of you may be quite stirred up as a result of reliving your diagnosis story. Remember that we are living through this experience again with the intention to let it go. In this visualization Cindy will guide you to release the story of your diagnosis scattering it to the wind.

The void created from this exercise when we clear is a space to put in something new. The Universe abhors a vacuum and rushes to fill it. Many times it is filled again unconsciously with more of the same, more fear, more anxiety. We will be filling this void consciously with positive thoughts and a high vibration.

Write down 5 things you will be/do/have/feel when you are experiencing Optimal Well Being. These may be things that you enjoyed before you had cancer; things that you are having difficulty managing now; or they may be things you have never before experienced but that you’ve always wanted!
  • Assignment:
  1. Keep fine-tuning your OWBFC list. What are your goals and aspirations for Optimal Well-Being? Find pictures that represent your list. Read your list and look at your pictures whenever your negative thoughts or feelings come up. This is your vision of what you see yourself “being, doing, and having” when you achieve Optimal Well Being. Work with your vision notebook or vision board throughout the day, during treatment, or whenever you feel you need to hear and see the message of Optimal Well Being.
  2. Continue to practice releasing. Listen to the Hot Air Balloon Visualization again when you feel you need to release your fears. Try one of these assignments this week: Walk with an intention to release; send any fears or anxiety to Mother Earth.
  3. Anytime your diagnosis feels strong for you or anything else brings you into a place of fear, write with the intention to release and flush the papers or burn them. Or, you can do one of the releasing exercises. When you do this type of work it creates space; space within your psyche and space within your heart. The Universe abhors a void and rushes to fill it. You don’t want that space filled with more fearful thoughts, you want to fill that void with positive thoughts. Look at your vision board or through your vision book to uplift you.