Session 12

Reaching Optimal Well Being in the Face of Cancer

You now have all of the tools you need to support you on your journey of Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer. Just like you need to go to the gym to stay fit, you need to make these tools and the program a “practice,” a part of your everyday life!

In this program we have worked with:

  • Physical Aspect of your being – the importance of eating healthy, exercise
  • Emotional Aspect of your being – managing your emotions and stress
  • Mental Aspect of your being – managing your thoughts and how to change them through affirmation
  • Spiritual Aspect of your being – that you are co-creating your experience and there is spiritual support

  • Tool #13: Quick Visualization of a Happy Time of your Life.
This visualization takes you back to one of the happiest times of your life and has you immerse yourself in those good feelings. This quick visualization can easily be done anywhere and anytime you need to boost your emotional well-being.

There is support available for you from the unseen forces of the Universe. Trusting that all of our needs are abundantly met and surrendering to that support is a key element for you to be at peace on your journey. Tapping into the power outside of yourself and within you, that has greatness, shifts us from being a victim of our circumstances to the powerful being transforming the cancer journey. What are three action steps you are willing and committed to do for your Spiritual Body?
  • Tool #14: Heart Center Visualization.
Cindy takes you on a journey to our heart center, expanding all the love in our life. This is a beautiful meditation to do to disperse any fears, blocks, or stress. It is nurturing, healing, and calming. Embrace the self-love in your life, you deserve it!
  • Assignment:
  • Your final assignment for this program, and my wish for you, is to use these tools provided in this program on a regular basis to support you to live an empowered, happy, life and achieve Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer!

    Thank you so much for being on this journey with me!
    Cindy Paine

Heart Center Visualization