Session 11

Creating Your Vision

Today we are moving on to Creating Your Vision for Optimal Well Being in the Face of Cancer. We really have been working on this vision since the first session, when we began conceiving of what this meant and looked like for you. We will be learning how to write a vision and learning ways to use it to empower you and bring forth its manifestation. This vision is looking at your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The tools of writing a vision could be used for how you want to go through treatment, for a surgery and all of the parts that follow. You could start each day writing a vision of how your day will go. You can create one for more joy, a relationship, or anything else in your life. In addition, using your vision board, feeling and seeing the end result, using affirmations, positive thoughts, all of this is part of visioning.

  • Tool #12: Movie Screen Visualization.
This tool is designed to help you complete your vision for Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer bringing it present for you and anchoring it in your mind, heart and being. You are filled with the color of gold and visit the Golden Temple’s screening room to watch your vision of Optimal Well-Being played out on the big screen. You are the Director of your Life’s Movie!
  • Assignment:
  1. Keep working with your visualization to get it as perfect as possible for yourself.
  2. Read it to yourself every night before you go to sleep.

Movie Screen Visualization