Session 10

Mining the Gifts of the Cancer Experience

Today we are going to be finding the gifts you received from your cancer experience! I can already hear some of you… “What do you mean, how can cancer possibly be a gift? This is terrible, the worst thing that has ever happened to me!” I realize this might be difficult for you depending on where you are on your journey. I understand, but trust me that when you can start to mine the gold of the gifts you have received, you put the story into a different context, and you can really empower yourself to optimal well-being from that place.

  • Tool #11: Emerald Green Temple Visualization: Gifts of Cancer
Emerald green is the color of the heart center (heart chakra). It also represents healing and abundance. The cancer experience is a heart opening experience, to ourselves and others in your life. This meditation is designed to help you open up and expand to receive the gifts of your cancer and your life.
  • Assignment:
  1. Keep adding to your list of your gifts from cancer.
  2. Continue to add pictures to your vision board and look at it regularly. Feel the feelings of your vision. See yourself being, doing and having those experiences!

Emerald Green Temple Visualization