Optimal Well-Being
in the Face of Cancer

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Program Overview

Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer is a cutting-edge online 12-session program that empowers, nurtures, and supports a cancer patient through a step-by-step process. This program will enable you to not just survive, but THRIVE on your Optimal Cancer Journey. It is designed to be used on smart phones, tablets, or computers, which allows 24-hour access for the patient.

The twelve sessions include examples, stories, assignments, tools, techniques and visualizations to guide patients on their path of emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. This program is predicated upon the Clear-Connect-Create Method.

When the patient Clears fears, negative thoughts, and memories are released. Patients can then Connect back to their power, strength, and spirit. Then they will Create an experience that will focus on being fully present in healing, positivity, and inspiration.

Program Benefits

  • Program facilitator/author is a cancer survivor

  • Reframes your cancer experience from victim to THRIVER

  • You will move into a powerful new vision for your life

  • Ongoing accessible 24 hour source of support

  • Proven stress reduction

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Brings more energy, aliveness and joy

  • Clears the trauma of your original diagnosis

  • Easy-access tools and interactive workbook

  • Proven methodology

  • Releases the fear of re-occurrence

  • You will discover the gifts of your cancer journey!

Program Scope

  • 12-session online program; each session approximately 45 minutes in length

  • Six months of sixty minute live support calls.

  • Downloadable workbook

  • 5 inspirational videos with Cindy Paine

  • Optimal Well-Being library that contains tools, techniques and guided visualizations

  • Custom designed introduction and sponsor pages

  • Technical support

The topics covered in the program are:

  • What is Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer?

  • Letting Go of Your Fears

  • Clearing To Be Present

  • Connecting with Self

  • Connecting with Nature

  • Connecting with Spirit

  • What is Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer?

  • Letting Go of Your Fears

  • Clearing To Be Present

  • Connecting with Self

  • Connecting with Nature

  • Connecting with Spirit

About Cindy Paine

Cindy Paine is an author, life-coach, speaker, workshop and retreat leader. She has worked with thousands of people over the last 30 years and has helped her students transform their lives through the Clear-Connect-Create Method.  Cindy has a great passion for helping to transform the experience of going through the cancer journey. Cindy’s book Clear Connect Create: A Powerful Path to Self Love was published in 2014.

  • Cindy’s approach is unique and powerful. She creates a safe environment for everyone to contribute, listens intently, and asks provocative questions to help break loose the hidden barriers that are blocking us from achieving our greatest goals and desires. She is also a master at leading groups through guided visualization. On top of all that, she is FUN!
    Sue Reynolds-Frost
  • This has all supported my growth, moving my vision of what my life could be from the realm of intention to the physical world. Its so wonderful to feel so much more centered, more calm, and more in control of my life. It keeps getting better and better every day as I now have tools to stay focused and on my path.
    Arlene Preus
  • With the coaching I received through Cindy’s program, her book and the guest speakers, I experienced a major shift in my life! The regularity of a monthly coaching call helped me be accountable in meeting my goals. Her coaching is great for anyone who finds themselves “stuck” and unable to move forward in life!
    Kathy Andio