Sample Lesson (Session 8 from 12)

Trusting and Surrendering

You may have noticed that we went back into Clearing in the last session. The Clear-Connect-Create Method is not a linear journey. Many times you may be moving back and forth between clearing and creating. As you are manifesting Optimal Well-Being you may “bump up against” something that needs to be cleared (a fear you didn’t know you had, or resistance). That is perfect because you are aware of those feelings and now you have some tools to work with to empower you!

  • Tool #9: Surrender Visualization.
This visualization is to surrender your cancer, your problem, concerns, fears and sadness over to God. We are writing a soul letter, this is your prayer to your angels, guides and the Universe is to ask for their assistance. When you are done you know that the Universe will handle the details. You’ve released the letter and now you trust and surrender the problem to the Universe. Feel at peace. The situation has been perfectly handled, better than you can imagine. Feel the feelings of peace.
  • Assignment:
  1. Continue your list of the times in your life that you’ve trusted and surrendered and it’s worked out for your highest good. List those experiences and read through them daily to empower yourself in going forward on your journey.
  2. Listen to the Surrender Visualization or one of the other visualizations before you do the next session.

Surrender Visualization