Tool Kit

Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer

  • OWBFC Study Guide (43 pages)
This workbook can support your journey by having a place for you to do the exercises, get additional information and keep you focused on your journey.
  • Tool #1: Grounding Cord Tool for Clearing.
This visualization is a perfect one to use to bring you present and get you grounded. If you find yourself worried or anxious about something that is currently happening, something that happened in the past, or something you are afraid might happen; or when you just feel emotional, in fear or have negative thoughts, this is a great tool to use to release whatever is bothering you and bring you into the awareness of the present moment.
  • Tool #2: Visualization for Peace Using the Color Blue
Use this visualization any time you feel “stirred up,” irritable, discontent, or feeling fear and anxiety. This is an excellent meditation to calm your mind.
  • Tool #3: Hot Air Balloon Visualization.
Many of you may be quite stirred up as a result of reliving your diagnosis story. Remember that we are living through this experience again with the intention to let it go. In this visualization Cindy will guide you to release the story of your diagnosis scattering it to the wind.
  • Tool #4: Falling in Love with Yourself Visualization.
Anchor your Falling in Love with Yourself list by reading it to yourself and really taking in the positive attributes that make you YOU! You can do this exercise anytime you want to feel empowered. This exercise also supports your immune system by bathing your cells in all those good feelings
  • Tool #5: Nature/Nurture – Hug a Tree - Visualization
Imagine yourself in nature at your special tree. This visualization is a great meditation to do when you can’t get out into nature. It is good for releasing, as well as being present and connected to nature. It is good to use when you need peace.
  • Tool #6: Colors in Nature Visualization.
Another way of using nature is to get in touch with colors we find in nature and understand what they signify. In my studies, I have learned that the color blue, is connected with the throat chakra. It also signifies peace. It is so interesting to me that the sky is painted blue, it could be any color, but here we are literally surrounded by peace every day. Green is everywhere, from the grass to the trees. Green is the color of the heart chakra, the color of love, abundance and healing. Yellow gold is connected with the solar plexus and is signified by the sun. In many cultures, the solar plexus is the seat of your identity and power center. Feeling the rays and warmth of the sun, taking in the beauty of the golden light, you can consciously fill your solar plexus and strengthen that sense of self-empowerment. When you walk outside visualize the sun, sky and grass feeding your peace, healing and empowerment.
  • Tool #7: Column of Light Visualization.
Use this visualization when you feel the need to connect with spirit, strength, courage, and positive feelings. Your Column of Light will protect you, and support you. It is there all the time, it feeds your energetic container. We build our personal column of light, the more we feed it strong spiritual messages, the stronger it gets. Use this tool when you go for treatment or when you just want that connection with spirit. It gives you strength, courage and positive feelings.
  • Tool #8: Forgiveness Visualization.
In this visualization you are invited to the Forgiveness Room. The person with whom you have conflict enters and this is your opportunity to communicate with that person, and say all that you need to say, as if this was the last chance you had to speak with them. If you feel to, you can say “I forgive you” or you can ask for their forgiveness. Then see if there is anything they want to share with you. We, then, will call in a vision of ourselves. Say everything you can think of that you may need to forgive yourself for. If forgiveness feels difficult for you with that person, or yourself, we will call upon God or Spirit to help you get to a place where you can forgive. Forgiving ourselves creates self-love and creates an environment for optimal well-being. If additional feelings and thoughts come up, write about it in your journal and know that this is part of the process.
  • Tool #9: Surrender Visualization.
This visualization is to surrender your cancer, your problem, concerns, fears and sadness over to God. We are writing a soul letter, this is your prayer to your angels, guides and the Universe is to ask for their assistance. When you are done you know that the Universe will handle the details. You’ve released the letter and now you trust and surrender the problem to the Universe. Feel at peace. The situation has been perfectly handled, better than you can imagine. Feel the feelings of peace.
  • Tool #10: Releasing Fear Ritual
As we have mentioned, when you do this type of metaphysical work, space is created. The Universe rushes to fill a void. Take a moment at the end of the ritual and put out your prayers, vision, and affirmations you have created to the Universe. What do you want to put in the space of what you have released? When you feel complete, take a few deep breaths, thank the forces of the Universe who aligned with you and release them. Cindy’s prayer for you is Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer!
  • Tool #11: Emerald Green Temple Visualization: Gifts of Cancer
Emerald green is the color of the heart center (heart chakra). It also represents healing and abundance. The cancer experience is a heart opening experience, to ourselves and others in your life. This meditation is designed to help you open up and expand to receive the gifts of your cancer and your life.
  • Tool #12: Movie Screen Visualization.
This tool is designed to help you complete your vision for Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer bringing it present for you and anchoring it in your mind, heart and being. You are filled with the color of gold and visit the Golden Temple’s screening room to watch your vision of Optimal Well-Being played out on the big screen. You are the Director of your Life’s Movie!
  • Tool #13: Quick Visualization of a Happy Time of your Life.
This visualization takes you back to one of the happiest times of your life and has you immerse yourself in those good feelings. This quick visualization can easily be done anywhere and anytime you need to boost your emotional well-being.
  • Tool #14: Heart Center Visualization.
Cindy takes you on a journey to our heart center, expanding all the love in our life. This is a beautiful meditation to do to disperse any fears, blocks, or stress. It is nurturing, healing, and calming. Embrace the self-love in your life, you deserve it!