Sample Lesson (Session 2 from 12)

Letting Go of Your Fears

Cindy speaks about what Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer meant to her:

  • Physically: getting fit, vibrant health with lots of energy
  • Emotionally: she is able to experience the full range of her feelings and uses the tools to help her manage them
  • Mentally: she masters the mind and the negative thoughts that might randomly pop in
  • Spiritually: she is connected with Self and Spirit and is creating her life consciously

  • Tool #2: Visualization for Peace Using the Color Blue
Use this visualization any time you feel “stirred up,” irritable, discontent, or feeling fear and anxiety. This is an excellent meditation to calm your mind.
  • Assignment:
  1. Continue to reflect on what is Optimal Well-Being in the Face of Cancer for you. This is a critical portion of the program, because only through being clear on these possibilities for yourself, can you create them.
  2. This week continue to use the Remote Control Technique to manage your mind and your thoughts. Don’t give in to the temptation to “watch the scary movie” in your head. Switch those thoughts to something empowering and inspiring.
  3. Watch your thoughts this week and keep adding to your fearful thoughts list. Carry it with you so you can add to it as they occur. Take a moment and write a positive affirmation to counter those fearful thoughts. Put those positive affirmations around you so they are easily accessible until this becomes a more natural response.
  4. Try doing the “Mind Dump” to address your fearful thoughts; and then don’t allow them to control YOU during the day.

Visualization for Peace