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March 3, 2016
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March 5, 2016

FWD: Fw: YSC Summit Speaker Info: Please Read!

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Subject: Fw: YSC Summit Speaker Info: Please Read!
From: “Mei Zhe=
ng” <mzheng@youngsurvival.org>
Date: 1/25/16 2:37 pm
To: “c=
indy” <cindy@cindypaine.com>


From: Mei Zh=
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 10:16 AM
To: cindy
Subject: RE: YSC Summit =
Speaker Info: Please Read!


Hi Cindy,


Thank you for agreeing to s=
peak at the YSC Summit. We are very excited you can be there with us.


I am reaching out to see if=
you want me to book your travel. Also, I can reserve your hotel room as we=
ll. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from y=
ou soon.




Mei Zheng

Meetings and Conference Associate


Young women facing breast cancer togeth=


o 646.257.3003you=

Upcoming YSC Events:

·           National YSC SummitIMarch 11-13, 2016 #YS=

·           Regional YSC SymposiumIJan 23, 2016=

·           New YSC Tour de Pink South ride I =
April 15-17, 2016 #TdP200


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From: Megan McCann
Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2016 3:04 PM
To: cindy =
Cc: Mei Zheng <mzhen=
Subject: YSC Summit Speaker =
Info: Please Read!




YSC’s National Summit is just a couple of months away=
! As we approach this exciting event, we want to ensure that you feel prepa=
red, supported and recognized for your time with YSC and our attendees from=
March 11- 13th in Atlanta, GA. This email serves to provide you=
with important reminders, logistics and information relevant to your speak=
ing session(s) at the Summit.

Please read carefully and through to the end- there is also=
essential information on booking your travel!


Your Se=


·       &nbsp=
Workshop/Discussion Group: 60 minut=
e workshop; Please prepare to speak for about 25 minutes with the rest of t=
he time allotted for attendee Q&A and housekeeping items. Use of slides=
is encouraged but not required.


Living Your Optimal Life (for=
Post Treatment or Long Term Survivors)

Sat, March 12: 11:00AM- 12:00=


Description: As a long-term breast cancer survivor, you have surely experienced co=
mplex emotions through the years. Maybe it has changed how you identify you=
rself or made you re-examine your goals. This workshop will explore how to =
feel energized in the life you lead now and the life you want moving forwar=
d. Leave with practical tools to reach your optimal potential and find stre=
ngth in your personal journey.


You can find the full day’s agenda here: http://summit.youngsurvival.org/lineup. Please arriv=
e at least 15 minutes before your first presentation time=
=2E We will register you for the conference, and you are welcome to join an=
y activities outside of your speaking slots.


Presentations: Please have any PowerPoint =
presentations completed and sent back to me by Friday, February 19-=
the Summit slide template is attached if you’d like to use =
it;also include any handouts you are planning to use so that we may print t=
hem in advance. If you are preparing slides for more than one session, please label each file accordingly.


Audience: =
The attendees will be coming from a wide range of backgrounds and =
experiences. When developing your talking points, please keep in mind that =
they may be:

– At various phases of their breas=
t cancer journey: newly diagnosed, post-treatment, long-term survivor or li=
ving with metastatic breast cancer. For the metastatic population, be inclu=
sive of information for those who will be in treatment for the rest of thei=
r lives or who don’t know their prognosis.

– A co-survivor: spouse, significa=
nt other (male or female), parent, sibling or friend of a young breast canc=
er survivor

– Single: When speaking of relatio=
nships or support network, know that not everyone will be married=
or in a committed relationship.



YSC will be audio recording certain workshops and general s=
essions. Attached is a waiver, which can be returned to me by Frida=
y, February 19
. Note: some sensitive topics are not audio recorded=
and therefore will not require an audio waiver.


Travel and Hotel:

You will be receiving information from Mei Zheng (copied he=
re) regarding your travel and hotel for the weekend of March 11-13. As a sp=
eaker, your travel and hotel will be covered as appropriate. You may either=
book your travel yourself and get reimbursed or Mei will book it for you=
=2E Either way, all travel must be confirmed by Friday, February 19=


Thank you for your presence and contributions at the YSC Na=
tional Summit. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!






Megan McCann
Associate Director of Program=


Young women facing breast cancer togeth=


p 646.257.3009  youngsurvival.org

Upcoming YSC Events:

·           National YSC SummitIMarch 11-13, 2016 #YSCSummit16

·           Regional YSC SymposiumIJan 23, 2016 #YSCJackson16

·           New YSC Tour de Pink South ride I April 15-17, 2016 #TdP200=


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