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February 27, 2016
March 3, 2016

Cisco talk

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Thank Carrie love topic unstoppable.
I bio
2 Magic wand What’s the area you want to Transform?
3.3 keys CCC rose garden mom
4. My story event planner to author coach  speaking
5. Passion to how to get there using method I created
6.weeds dandelion reference getting root  WWHAT IS THE REASON THI=
 a. how make living doing that, hard to get clients, million=
coaches, dyslexia  author 
 b. identify issues clearing techniques speaking using a coach, w=
riting and burning or destroying burn toilet, identify beliefs write out op=
posite, cost payoff.
     If I am afraid to take a chance whats the&nbs=
p; payoff on cost small safe  reduction in your aliveness, well being,=
opportunities, for me when I hook into your creativity explosion of passio=
n.  Being 624 passion aliveness agelessness. Payoff get to small and s=
afe comfort zone
 7. changing beliefs you created them you can change it or releas=
e let go, writing am pages releases as well. Writing a letter to someone do=
not send ( negative experiences. Dyslexic average reading friends in the a=
dvanced. Those early experiences. Mother wanted me to be very traditional=
p;gifts talents abilities. Good advisor inspire friends family, practiced b=
ro for year. Where spend time on phone advising supporting people. keep com=
ing back
Create Visualization tools vision notebook board write vision marinate=
Placing order universefirst vuisualiztion anchoring
Close happy I am doing I am doing used miliions of results done OWBFC =
UNstoppable you continue to next level  Next phase took work into this=
area cancer.
What is my goal authentic learn internal for self.

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