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February 18, 2016
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February 19, 2016

FWD: sinus infection

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Subject: sinus infection
From: michelle@trueessencehealing.netDate: 11/12/14 2:29 pm

Hi Cindy,
I think this is the best way to do this for now as I have to be somewh=
ere again in a little bit.  I charge clients for this type of work in =
increments, for every 15 minutes or more depending on the time.  $25 p=
er 15 minutes.  I can send the invoice to your email thru paypal=
I will try to sum some things up here since they are still recurr=
Whenever sinuses are being infected or congested in this way we want t=
o look at a couple factors that could be causing the condition,
1. Candida
2. Food or environmental allergies
3. Bowel congestion, sluggish bowel, improper digestive abilities

We know spiritual is a component as well, which you are working on.&nb=
sp; Anything irritating you, fear, stubbornness, inability to let go. =
See how these may relate to you currently, as a gentle reminder.
With herbs and healing natural, there must be consistency.  I rem=
ember you mentioning you had a feeling that the herbs weren’t working=
=2E  Like in medicine, if the condition isn’t continuing progress=
ing more into healing and recovery, we want to look at what else the root c=
auses may be.  Or take more or different herbs to reach it.  Some=
times the culprit can be deep in the cellular tissues and cells.  We h=
ave been working on this with cleansing and supportive herbs.  Time to=
go a little deeper now.
Feel we need to get a little stronger.  Try to trust more in the =
herbs and their abilities.  Welcome them more into your being.  B=
e in gratitude even more. 
Let’s start with some easy stuff first:  Diet
No milk, wheat, sugar, products of yeast – important.  Dairy is m=
ost mucus forming. 
Eat lots of Garlic, ginger, teas, soups, stir fries.  Lemon, lemo=
n, lemon…..
Consider Lemon Cleanse – will attach info and you can think about it=
=2E  Will clear mucus and sinus congestion that no other method w=
ill.  And great for the whole body.  oops wasn’t in my file.&nbsp=
; will have to look for and send later.
Aromatherapy:  Blend together and sniff on a cotton ball, Rosemar=
y, Geranium, Eucalyptus – fights infection and clears
Sinus Infection Inhalation:
2 drops Breathe Free (from Natures’s Sunshine)
1 drop Marjoram
1 drop Thyme
1 drop Frankincense
1 drop Eucalyptus
Pour almost boiling water into a large bowl.  Do not use boiling =
water as it can scald mucous membranes.  cover head and bowl with a to=
wel to make a tent and inhale vapors for 5 minutes.
Gargle with one drop of Tea Tree essential oil in warm water 3-4 times=
per day.
Sinus Balm – very helpful and effective.  Especially for preventi=
on afterwards
1 tsp. Golden Salve (can also order from NS)
6 drops Eucalyptus
3 drops Peppermint
2 drops Thyme
Blend together and apply a small amount to the inner nose daily.
Essential oils are among the most useful of herbal products to help wi=
th sinus infections.  I highly recommend using a nebulizing diffuser o=
vernight and during the day filled with infection fighting oils.  I re=
commend the following:
Can also get an air purifier for the house, especially your room when =
sleeping.  May be due to the damp air in Florida.  or at least co=
ntributing to it.
Neti Pot very helpful as well.
Key Herbal Program:
Lots of Vitamin C to bowel tolerance
Fenugreek and Thyme – 8 capsules, 3x per day for up to 3 days if neede=
d that long
use ALJ – 2 every hour until relief for one day, then discontinue when=
you get your order and us
FOUR – 3 capsules, 3 times per day for 2 days then according to bottle=
until all is clear
Echinacea/Goldenseal Liquid – 1 tsp. 4-5 times per day for 2-3 days, t=
hen maintenance dose until finish bottle
Trigger Immune TCm – 1 capsule before breakfast and 1 before lunch unt=
il finish bottle.  Will build immune system and reset polarities.

Noni Juice – 3 TBSP per day not after 4 pm to clean cells and rebuild =
immune system and circulation. Good for entire body.  Like Thai Go, bu=
t different purpose so discontinue Thai Go for now. 
Probiotic eleven – can take one per hour for one day and then 4 before=
breakfast and 4 before bedtime.
Need to clear all the old gunk and infection out.  Get that diges=
tive system improved.  This is the next step.  It may seem like&n=
bsp;a lot.  Will get you to deeper healing, clarity and pureness. it’s=
more old stuck, stickiness, trying to release and clear.  Sensing thi=
s is the target, Digestive System.  Holds a lot of old karma in your c=
enter/belly/gut. Blocks your gut feelings also.  It can be healed of c=
ourse.  You can do this but feel need to get a little more determined =
with it.  Really get rid of the old bugs and replenish the new in many=
wonderful forms and ways.  First have to get rid of the infection bug=
that lives in there. 
If you still have IFC, can take one per hour.  Will kill infectio=
You can order all of this from Nature’s Sunsine, except the diffuser=
=2E  Even the other essential oils you can order from Natures Sunshine=
=2E You can go online or call them to order.  Then you get the bonus a=
fter $100 of 10% back. 
It took 30 minutes to do this.  Wanted to make sure I got this to=
you before I have to leave again.  Couldn’t talk today.  Did thi=
s based on your message. 
Please let me know if you have any questions and how you feel about th=
e fee.  I am willing to start fresh.  To heal and forgive.  =
Accepting the opportunity for both of us to claim our pieces of the opportu=
nities we experienced to rise above and learn more about ourselves in growt=
h and harmony and beyond. 
With much love and blessings,

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