February 17, 2016
congestion abby session
February 18, 2016

call TPCP notes

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Call 1 created sacred circle and introductions of everyone participati=
Call 2 ground rules logistics of library what is available
Tree grounding visualization
Cindy’s story where self love  work began
ccc method garden analogy
Clarifying intentions worked with  participants
Discussion how to create a void (clean closets, pay bills, forgiveness=
Forgiveness visualization.
Continue yea but list write payoffs and cost/
Work with doing actions to create a void  
Listen to 1 of the visualizations on your coaching call recording

keep clarifying your intentions
Cindy will reach out to all of you this month re intentions
We will send you info and introduction about your buddy for the month

Next guest call 2/25 with Kathleen Peterson
visit library Facebook 

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