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February 17, 2016
February 17, 2016

speaking information re Optimal Well Being in The Face of Cancer

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Good afternoon Shelley. Since my computer crashed and we are building =
new video content starting with my next 2 engagements at Cisco and Young Su=
rvivors Conference in early March the only link my videographer found was a=
n engagement I did for a Unity Church which was more spiritual. If you like=
we can have it edited but I thought I would send it to have something to s=
how. its not my favorite but it may work. about the book I wrote. The =
talk I would do for your audience would be one of positive empowerment and =
tools to achieve optimal well being and releasing the fear of reoccurrence=
=2E I am very excited about the opportunity and if need be can be very flex=
ible on price if necessary. Don’t rule me out! I would really love to speak=
to your audience. Let me know your thoughts, Cindy.
Promo.mp4?dl=3D0 This is the video clip.
Here is the link to my cancer empowerment program.    =

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