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Personal Astrological Report


Astrology is not just predictive;=
it’s also productive.

Astrology is an activity based on the principle of Unus Mundus – the Uni=
verse   as Unity. Everything – from atom to galaxy – is rooted in=
the same universal   and all-pervasive reality. And this reality=
reveals itself in the purposeful,   ordered and meaningful proce=
sses of nature, as well as in the deepest recesses   of the human=
mind and spirit. ‘As above – so below’. Anything happening in one &nb=
sp; part of the system gets mirrored in a self-similar way everywhere else=

Quantum Physics tells us that the very act of observing something change=
s it.   And the Butterfly Effect of Chaos Theory shows how even t=
he tiniest flap of   a wing can eventually produce a hurricane. U=
pon examining my own life, I can   see how the slightest shifts o=
f direction have led me down some very divergent   paths and pres=
ented me with infinitely strange and beautiful experiences. But  =
the most satisfying and successful of these experiences have come when I w=
as   going with the flow of time and determinism.

The Universe, being the accommodating creature that she is, will provide=
confirmation   of almost any paradigm we adopt. Mental events (p=
erception) and acts of free   will carry with them pure informati=
on which is transmitted instantly throughout   the material world=
=2E To this extent, we live in an observer-created reality.   Som=
ething out there (the Great Organizing Dynamic, as some have called it) res=
ponds   to what we believe about ourselves and our world. From th=
is standpoint,   you are a channel, a vehicle, an agency, an inst=
rument, a representative. And   your birth chart may best be desc=
ribed as an output program – an indication   of what should be fl=
owing into manifestation through you. Although I might speak   of=
‘my’ horoscope, in a very practical sense, it does not belong to me – rath=
er   I belong to it. As do all the other entities, animate and in=
animate, that came   into being at about the same time and place=
=2E Cosmic Powers, if indeed there   are such things, appear to u=
se me and what I have to offer, and not the other   way ’round.

You will not get the best out of your birth chart unless you become a go=
-between   worthy of relaying the best. Concentrate first on cons=
truction and creativity,   and use astrology to define the possib=
ilities as you go along. In the fractal   logic of astrology, eac=
h planet, sign and house is a self-similar unity complete   with =
its own rewards. For example, you may have transiting Jupiter conjunct&nbsp=
;  your natal Sun. The usual interpretation of this aspect is one of i=
ncreased   vitality, luck and optimism. In reality however this m=
ay or may not happen,   because the promise of a Jupiter-Sun cont=
act cannot happen without the proper   conditions first being in =
place. And only you can put them there. By adopting   an out-goin=
g attitude, by exploring new dimensions, by playing with ideas rather =
  than holding rigidly to one static model, you put yourself into the =
Jupiter   mode. By opening up to the Universe in this way, you ac=
tually invite luck into   your life, and create a positive feedba=
ck loop of openness and optimism, which   attracts more of the sa=


By way of confirmation, the information this report&nbs=
p;            &=
nbsp; is based on is as follows:


Cindy Paine


November 28, 1951    05:55 PM


Columbus, Ohio
sp;            =
sp;            =
      – 5 GMT      &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
p;            &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
82° 53′ W    40° 00′ N


Tropical Zodiac  –   &nb=
sp;            =
          Placidus Houses




The Luminaries: Sun and Moon

The state of the solar system at the time of your birth points to self-s=
imilar (fractal) qualities within you. But of all the planets, the “lights”=
– the Sun and Moon – are thought to indicate the main polarity of your bei=
ng. In psychology, this has been articulated in the concept of complementar=
ity between the conscious and unconscious contents of the mind. The Sun and=
Moon act as positive and negative poles – an intentional, directing elemen=
t (Sun), and a suggestible, receptive one (Moon). In a beneficial relations=
hip, the emotional conditioning of the Moon is given a purposive and positi=
ve expression by the astrological Sun. This has been called ‘intentional li=
ving’. Wherever we allow our consciousness (attention) to rest, that we vit=


The Astrological Sun

There is only one center to our solar syste=
m, and there is only one center to  your psyche. The Sun is the great =
central powerhouse which illuminates us and  shows us where we can get=
the most from life by radiating all that our sun represents.  In Jyot=
ish, the astrology of the Hindus, the Sun is known as ‘atma karaka’, or&nbs=
p; soul indicator, signifying a person’s confidence, authority and power – =
the ego  center of the horoscope. The Sun is our central identity and =
‘true self’, in that  it is toward this more than anything that we sho=
uld be moving and developing.  Thus, it represents that which we wish =
to become and those we look up to. It is  also our essence, our bliss,=
and that which we do for the sheer fun of it. The  Sun is creativity,=
original flair, celebration and glory – the quality of output  we ten=
d to expect from heros and celebrities. But we are each capable of giving&n=
bsp; out more than we do – and I don’t mean money. The Sun is about having =
a purpose  large enough to animate the whole of your life and going ab=
out it with a tone  of appreciation and joie de vivre. Your Sun shows =
how and where you can shine.  Light your fire!  &nb=


Sun in Sagittarius  &nbsp=
;            &n=
Honest, open and candid, you a=
re always out-going and frank, and allow your thoughts be directed toward t=
he future in faith of a good outcome. On the move, you are a traveler of bo=
th the world and the mind – theory, philosophy and the larger purposes in l=
ife attract you. You prefer grand themes and big gestures – the large canva=
s and the big brush. The exploratory drive is very strong in you and you ar=
e always shooting for a mark beyond yourself. New possibilities excite you,=
therefore you are very good at sizing up the current situation and seeing =
how it can be maximised rather than resisted.  By aliging your life ac=
tivity with something bigger than yourself – some cause or concept – you tr=
ansform ordinary humdrum existence into something nearer the ideal. Sagitta=
rius is nothing if not direct, candid and to the point, for this sign is al=
ways concerned with the absolute truth of the subject at hand. Associated w=
ith philosophy, outreach and all things boundless, Sagittarian energy is al=
ways welcome in politics as well as social and community endeavors where it=
s basic fairness and expansiveness is helpful.


Sun Conjunct Moon   =
Unites the ego and emotio=
n. Great emotional strength and the tendency toward independence and ambiti=
on. Yin (male) and yang (female) energies are well integrated and easily dr=
awn upon. Self-motivated and autonomous to a high degree. Well focussed and=
confident in pursuing goals. Prefers the security of doing it ones self to=
relying on the actions of others and enjoys the satisfaction of acting in =
harmony with the feelings.

Sun Semisquare Venus  &nb=
sp;            =
Gentle charm and personal magnetism. The=
re is a natural sense of discrimination and beauty which excels in music, d=
rama, dance or any artistic profession. There is a love of making connectio=
ns which is welcomed in social scenes of all kinds and gives easy popularit=
y. Fosters aesthetic leanings with an appreciation of cultural matters. Sen=
sual and refined with a tendency to be easy-going and accommodating.

Sun Sextile Mars   &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
Efficiency of action=
=2E The ego is asserted in a well-balanced way and enjoys adventurous pursu=
its. Physical outlets like athletics and exercise are important and should =
be made lifelong activities. Another form this aspect could take is trainin=
g or coaching others. There is a natural ability toward dramatic performanc=
e. Confident and decisive with good initiative, there are plenty of opportu=
nities for productive self-expression.

Sun Trine Jupiter   =
Generosity of spirit. Out=
look is mainly philosophical, optimistic and content. Indicative of ease of=
effort, but may also be too complacent. A visionary nature with high ideal=
s. Excels in publishing and consciousness-raising work of all kinds. Knows =
above all that we are here to learn. Person functions from a sense of abund=
ance and therefore satisfies hopes easily. Good intuition and humor.

Sun Sextile Saturn  &nbsp=
;            &n=
Responsibilities are easy and =
tasks are taken on one after another. Can accomplish much. Down to earth. A=
strong willingness to help out. Purposeful, focussed and efficient, the or=
ganizational skills are good and a career in one of the physical sciences i=
s probable. Willingness to take advice, so It is helpful to work with those=
in authority or those who are more experienced.

Sun Semisquare Neptune  &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
Dreams and visions are reality. High ideals and an=
ability to enchant with words and images. There is concern with the true m=
ysteries of existence. Lives with no boundaries between the self and the en=
vironment. At home in the ‘transcendental’ realm; the most crucial experien=
ces of life happen internally in the form of deeply sensitive perceptions=
=2E There is also a great affinity for music and poetry.


The Astrological Moon

The astrological Moon symbolises memory, me=
mes and conditioning – the habitual,  instinctive, unconscious side of=
our nature, and therefore the most predictible.  Our interface with t=
he environment – how we react to it – is best indicated by  the Moon’s=
position and the planets it aspects. Because it represents our upbringing&=
nbsp; and emotional background, the Moon denotes our sense of belonging and=
well-being  (or not) and what we need in order to feel comfortable an=
d content. But all too  often the tendency is for the Moon to reflect =
back the frayed impressions of old  hurts and vendettas, thereby wasti=
ng precious energy on painful and unproductive  distractions of the pa=
st. Clearly what is needed is a more aspiring attitude;  one in which =
we are continually banging our cup and demanding that our needs be  sa=
tisfied! What is your special hunger? What kind of stimulation do you need =
in  order to feel good about yourself? True gratification can be had o=
nly by feeding  your Moon. The Feast of the Present is spread out arou=
nd you!           


Moon in Sagittarius  &nbs=
p;            &=
Enterprising, you can even be happy=
in austere settings, for you have an innate awareness of future possibilit=
ies and prospects. Religion, truth and the world of philosophy are of great=
interest to you. Your knack for understanding opinions, ideologies and how=
we form them makes you good at politics too. The Sagittarian Moon tends to=
be more committed to ideas – regardless of the emotional costs – than they=
are to people. You bring a sense of honesty to any group, are freedom-lovi=
ng, independent, and at times even a trifle remote. You are not bound by yo=
ur emotions and are thus not much of a domestic person, prefering to align =
your life activities with something bigger.


Moon Semisquare Venus  &n=
bsp;           &nbsp=
Discriminating, sensual and kind. There is gr=
eat concern with beauty and comfort, especially in and around the home. An =
optimistic and charming nature; this is a very favourable feminine combinat=
ion. Lives for loving relationships and pleasant memories. Excels in the ae=
sthetic talents. Voluptuousness and eroticism are implied.

Moon Sextile Mars   =
A born coach or teacher, =
most comfortable in the physical and ‘doing’ areas of life. An inspiration =
and driving force in the lives of others. Quite able to manage a very activ=
e and strong emotional life. Strong spirit with a direct and emotionally fo=
rceful manner. Impulsive and energetic, takes the initiative in domestic af=

Moon Trine Jupiter  &nbsp=
;            &n=
A knack for finding assistance=
=2E Emotional growth is easy. The ability to rally support makes a public c=
areer of one kind or another quite probable. Innately knows how to go about=
solving problems. Success is indicated in teaching, counselling or foreign=
travel. Finds it easy to balance security needs and freedom. There is an i=
nner harmony, peace of mind and philosophical nature which finds it difficu=
lt to take life too seriously.

Moon Semisquare Neptune  =
Lives in the feelings. Inspiring and magnificently comp=
assionate. Strong idealization of the family, past and traditional matters=
=2E Most imaginative when it comes to spirituality and psychology. Entranci=
ng to others with an ability to draw them into a world of imagination and d=
reams. A high floater and full-blown dreamer, complete with built-in psychi=
c abilities and probably given to visions.


The Planets: Agents of the Cosmos=

The planets of astrology are not just giant balls of rock and gas, but f=
ractal reflections of the different facets of reality – whole self-consiste=
nt categories of meaning. They reveal tendencies which are in a continual s=
tate of ‘becoming’. But each individual is responsible for developing his o=
r her attributes and actively integrating the planets’ detailed messages. H=
aving had the broad qualities pointed out, you are free to work with or aga=
inst the cosmic current. But you will only benefit from the universal self-=
organising process by intentionally and planfully improving on those featur=
es as depicted in your birth chart. We only get where we’re going by moving=
in the right direction. Destiny is a matter of Destination.


The Astrological Mercury=

Mercury is the articulate messenger – Herme=
s – master of the networks, change  and complexity. He represents ment=
ality: words, thoughts, ideas, communications.  But more generally, th=
is is the planet of connections – everything that links  and conveys -=
synchronicity – the magical crossroads at which the observer stands  =
to see the ‘similarity of meaning’ in the converging strands of various cau=
ses  and effects. This is the meeting place of mind and matter, where =
logic, wit and  reason are brought into play. The power of thought. Th=
e power of words. The ancestor  of every action is a thought, and how =
we say something is often more important  than what we say. Words trig=
ger attitudes and set up resonances of their own,  continuing to do th=
eir work even when the attention is elsewhere. Guided by your  Mercury=
, you begin to construct a bridge between yourself and the world, bringing&=
nbsp; together all the unique circumstances needed to trigger results that =
none of them  could have produced on their own. Mercury shows how you =
can ‘hijack’ people, places  and situations to your best advantage – t=
he way you can go about getting your  way.    &nbs=


Mercury in Sagittarius  &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
You are fair-minded and above-board, always direct=
and honest in thought. You are more interested in eternal thoughts and bro=
ad landscapes than in minute details. You always manage to get the picture =
right away. Farsighted, you have a wandering mind that loves to travel and =
are at home with the bare bones of truth.


Mercury Square Mars  &nbs=
p;            &=
You are a very forceful speaker and=
communicate with great enthusiasm. Words just flow out and are always foll=
owed by an emotional impact that brings them home to your listeners. You ha=
ve no trouble putting your feelings into words; in fact, you may have to ex=
ercise some control over your tongue, for you are quick to say things and e=
verything you communicate packs a wallop. Things you say mean a lot. You ha=
ve a great mental drive and lavish great energy on mental pursuits of all k=
inds. Ideas, words, books, and the like are pursued with great gusto.

Mercury Square Jupiter  &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
You have the mind of a lawyer, always able to size=
up a problem and come up with a solution. Using your mind to negotiate obs=
tacles and handle dilemmas (your own or those of others), is a great talent=
=2E You have an innate ability to guide and lead others through the hurdles=
and hassles of life. You could be very much in demand as a counselor. You =
are a problem-solver.

Mercury Trine Pluto  &nbs=
p;            &=
When it comes to mental work, you h=
ave a perfect gift for research and investigation. You enjoy examining and =
analyzing, in particular when it comes to psychological and sensitive areas=
of the mind. Your ability to sift through the dross and come up with what =
is essential every time is exceptional. You like to discuss and communicate=
, again always at a psychological and very personal level. Others may find =
you intense.


The Astrological Venus

Venus is harmony. She symbolises our relati=
onship with all that we meet in the  world. When we appraise or apprec=
iate something, whether that be another person  or a possession, this =
is Venus – the sense of love or appreciation we feel. Venus  is recipr=
ocity, interaction with others, compromise, reconciliation and balance.&nbs=
p; She is also our need for approval, and how we seek it – ‘we’ consciousne=
ss and  union. This ability to get-it-together is also tested by our t=
alent (or lack of)  for developing a sense of wealth and affluence. Ve=
nus is what we love, feel comfortable  with and what appeals to us. An=
d she has much to do with desires, luxuries and  their enjoyment. She =
is also about making oneself enjoyable. Thus her energy is  what has b=
een called the ‘courtier spirit’, which means being agreeable and smoothing=
  the path. In many ways she shows us how we can get the most, both re=
lationship-wise  and financially, out of life. As the planet of balanc=
e and resources, Venus speaks  to us about the ways one influences the=
other; for as any successful businessperson  will tell you, you must =
be willing to spend money in order to make it. This is  the lifeblood =
of commerce – there must be an out-going as well as an in-coming  flow=
of energy. Good relationships require give-and-take, as do all successful&=
nbsp; enterprises.         &nb=


Venus in Libra   &nb=
sp;            =
A socialit=
e, you love decorum and etiquette, and relationships are for you the true t=
est of the art of give and take. A peacemaker, preferring to ‘break-even’ r=
ather than gain ground, you avoid harsh and crude actions, people or things=
=2E Reconciling, you truly appreciate care, concern, equality, gentleness, =
and acceptance. Having the approval of your partner is important to you, as=
you like to bounce ideas off others to gain a more balanced perspective. T=
actical response and counter-support are your harmonising agents.


Venus Square Uranus  &nbs=
p;            &=
You cherish whatever is different a=
nd out of the ordinary. The commonplace and the humdrum are not for you. Yo=
ur friends and surroundings — everything around you — must be unconventio=
nal to the point of being controversial. You could care less what others th=
ink, and this independence is your passion. The way you show affection may =
also be unusual, and your partners are certainly nonconformist. You set a h=
igh value on being different.

Venus Conjunct Neptune  &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
You place a high value on your dreams and ideals a=
nd don’t consider them otherworldly or impossible. You experience the unity=
around you — that which joins things together. There is a love of the sea=
and of whatever solves that which separates us. Mysticism, mythology, poet=
ry, and music are natural. These are all known items to you. People who enc=
ounter you may sometimes feel deceived by your remarkable vision, which the=
y enjoy when they are with you but find hard to maintain by themselves. The=
y wish the world were like you say it is.

Venus Sextile Pluto  &nbs=
p;            &=
You are very skilled at working wit=
h psychology, and the hidden recesses of the mind are, to you, no secret. Y=
ou would make an excellent psychologist and teacher of this subject. These =
same skills make it possible for you to work with the public, in politics o=
r wherever handling sensitive or “hot” issues is routine. You value change =
and transformation and have an almost reckless faith in the life process. Y=
ou love to be touched at the most personal and vulnerable levels.


The Astrological Mars

Mars is the planet of motivation and drive=
=2E It is the self-starting impetus, initiative  and energy we need to=
get moving. When we search for the meaning of something,  life or wha=
tever, it is Mars that urges us on and keeps us searching. Mars also  =
drives us against things too, as when it sends us into war and combat. Mars=
looks  for the challenge, takes charge and pushes forward with a pion=
eering spirit. Mars  is purposeful, direct and courageous; where our p=
assion is, there we find the  planet Mars. Thus it also has to do with=
ardor and impulses, and often signifies  the sex-drive, especially in=
a man’s chart. Martian energy enjoys becoming involved  in the thrust=
of life – acting promptly on an urge and, within that conviction,  cr=
eating more trust in its own actions. This is a circular process: The more =
we  trust and act, the more we receive impulses that can be trusted.&n=


Mars in Libra   &nbs=
p;            &=
You h=
ave an inner urge to be all things to all people and would rather bend than=
argue or make an issue. You are a natural diplomat, always courteous and c=
oncerned with the comfort and welfare of others. You stay in the background=
,  but are able to manipulate and bring out cooperation in others ever=
y time.


Mars Opposite Jupiter  &n=
bsp;           &nbsp=
You are driven when it comes to fulfilling yo=
ur ambitions and carving out a career. There is no lack of energy or drive =
here, and nothing can stand in your way. Everything is poured into making t=
he right moves, the correct decisions. You are outgoing, enthusiastic, and =
always diplomatic — everybody’s favorite. You have a natural instinct for =
making the correct move at the right time. Politics or some public career s=
eem inevitable. Lucky.


The Astrological Jupiter=

When it comes to an astrology of success an=
d empowerment, some planets are more  important than others simply bec=
ause of their nature. As the planet of outreach  and exploration, Jupi=
ter plays a very important role here. The Hindu word for  Jupiter is ‘=
Guru’ (Teacher), and Jupiter is about having an outlook or belief  sys=
tem – something we can identify with or look forward to. It shows how we se=
arch  for meaning in our lives, and therefore has much to tell us abou=
t our ‘ideal’  vocation. Jupiter is the guiding philosophy which provi=
des us with our sense of  direction and shows us how to approach life’=
s problems. Jupiter is ‘conscience’,  ethics, as well as our opinions =
and how we form them. It represents our speculations  about the world =
and can tell us much about the process of self-discovery. As the  ‘lor=
d of opportunity’, prosperity, affluence, and all the benefits we earn thro=
ugh  our outgoing-ness and out-giving to others, Jupiter’s position in=
your chart is  instrumental in determining your capacity for optimism=
and attracting luck. To  enhance Jupiter’s benefit in your life, foll=
ow the indications of his placement  in your chart. In general, by ado=
pting a spread of effort rather than a concentration  – by accepting L=
ife’s invitations and maximising what they have to offer – by  saying =
‘yes’ to the exotic and unfamiliar – we deliberately extend our range of&nb=
sp; contacts and interests whereby luck can reach us. There is an organic c=
onnection  between this attitude and the arrival of the good things in=
life. A note of warning  though, you can have too much of a good thin=


Jupiter in Aries   &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
Set your career sigh=
ts on a field where you can take charge – something challenging and in whic=
h you can operate free from restrictions. Because of your ability to follow=
impulses, you will often be the one who takes the initiative.  Always=
“walking point,” you tend to be a loner; confident, single-minded and focu=
ssed. You draw luck into your life by pushing events, by being direct and m=
oving toward clearly defined goals.


Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Pluto &=
A car=
eer in psychology, areas of the mind and self that are vulnerable and sensi=
tive, is indicated. You not only like change and transforming experiences, =
you pursue them for their own sake. You head straight for whatever challeng=
es your sense of identity and puts you through changes. This life path coul=
d also carry you into subjects like reincarnation, psychic experiences, and=
all that is occult or hidden from common view. You plunge right in, dig th=
rough the whole mess, and leave not a secret unturned. Yours is a career de=
ep in change, transformation, and metamorphosis.


The Astrological Saturn

Saturn is the prince of the material world =
– the planet of materialisation and incarnation, self-containment and perso=
nal distinction. Saturn rules the limitations of the world we live in and s=
o indicates where we are bound to learn self-discipline and duty – whether =
we like it or not! It is the boundaries around us that make identity possib=
le. As time passes, you slowly but surely crystallise a personal identity, =
distinct and unique from the others around you, by excluding whatever does =
not seem compatible with your purpose. Each new day adds to this evolutiona=
ry sense of ‘I’, with the object being an increased sense of responsibility=
=2E Saturn is said to be the hard taskmaster, the planet that keeps us from=
getting carried away in one direction or another. And although it seems to=
limit and undermine, it also defines and clarifies. For it is the process =
of sedimentation – building layer upon layer with structure and control – w=
hereby we see our ambitions realised. Nothing worthwhile can be accomplishe=
d without determination, concentration, persistence, commitment and patienc=


Saturn in Libra   &n=
bsp;           &nbsp=
You have diffic=
ulty with relationships and are very idealistic when it comes to friends. Y=
ou are inflexible, seldom compromise, and find it hard to give in where oth=
er people are involved. You need to develop diplomacy and patience. Learn t=
o give (as in “give in”) rather than oppose. Be flexible.


Saturn Square Uranus  &nb=
sp;            =
You find it difficult to be spontaneous,=
to get away from routine and do something different. Others see in you a c=
reature of routine. Travel may also be hard for you. It is not easy for you=
to change or to accept changes. When you do enact a change, it is always a=
t the deepest or core level and affects everything else in your life. Once =
a change is made, it at once becomes a part of you, solid and immovable. Th=
ose near you may feel that you inhibit the proverbial “life of the party.” =
Code, computer programming, and the like should interest you.


The Astrological Uranus

To live a full and satisfying life, you mus=
t be vividly yourself. Many of us are afraid to be different, and the press=
ure to conform can be stifling. But to live creatively is to find your own =
way, even if this means going against the grain. This urge to free-will and=
self-authorisation is Uranus, the planet of fierce independence. Surprise =
can be stimulating – the jab that gets you out of the rut. And if you want =
to ride the wave of chaos instead of being swallowed by it – if you want to=
liberate yourself from the disruptions and shocks around you – you must vo=
luntarily keep out of the groove. Realise that change is the only constant =
phenomenon. In randomness is all potential. Disorder increases possibilties=
=2E Chance! Uranus is the reverse of the status quo and always unconvention=
al and heretical: If life is accidental, we are free to give it any point w=
e like. Become Yourself!        &nb=


Uranus in Cancer   &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
You are very innovat=
ive in your approach to home, family and the domestic scene. You are non-tr=
aditional with a need to go beyond the norm in your everyday life, preferri=
ng to do your own thing rather than hold to custom. You have a natural insi=
ght into sensations, feelings and the world of the emotions, and you are ab=
le to see how very instrumental these so-called ‘unconscious’ process are t=
o each of us in forming our unique self-image.



The Astrological Neptune=

Neptune is the desire and ablility to trans=
cend normal consciousness and everyday waking life – to dream the impossibl=
e dream. This ‘divine discontent’ can be the cause of much mischief in itse=
lf, for to pursue the Ideal is often to avoid the reality of how things are=
=2E But, when it comes to many of the apparently insolvable problems, the N=
eptunian approach is often the most sensible and practical: Rise above it a=
nd get over it! The healthy tendencies of Neptune lie in its ability to see=
the cosmic humor in almost anything; to laugh at life’s absurdities. And s=
ometimes laughter is the only genuine response – the last great act of defi=
ance! This is the art of ‘sitting loose to life’, which means developing a =
less resisting, more surrendered attitude in which we expect the best of al=
l unfulfilled possibilities and potentials – and never stop dreaming! =


Neptune in Libra   &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
Relationships are th=
e ideal; and full association is your dream. There is also a tendency to id=
ealise and seek perfection in the Other. You are very open in response to o=
thers and accept them as yourself in order to harmonise your contacts. The =
spiritual life may be one of dilettantism and remaining open-ended; nothing=
overdone, but nothing neglected.


Neptune Sextile Pluto  &n=
bsp;           &nbsp=
You work with real imagination and understand=
ing in areas of the mind that are the most personal or private — depth psy=
chology. You are like a midwife of the spirit, assisting at the birth of ea=
ch individual going through a spiritual or re-birth process. You accept the=
natural process of birth, spiritual and physical, and have dedicated yours=
elf to helping it along. You would make a great teacher in these areas.


The Astrological Pluto

Pluto is the planet of profound change, sta=
rting deep within you and moving toward the surface, often touching upon th=
e most sensitive areas. It’s about waking up to the ‘hidden things’, and do=
ing so by reaching an intensity of awareness whereby, once touched, you hav=
e no choice but to change and grow. Pluto is the process of becoming fully =
conscious of (revealing) what has been happening all around you, even thoug=
h you may not have been aware of it. Like sex and death – you get to a cert=
ain stage in your development and suddenly you realise what’s going on. Plu=
to is first-hand sensitive experiences and times of complete identification=
with a person, feeling or idea. This is very intense stuff, and to touch u=
pon this material is to go through permanent change and transformation – in=
ner alchemy.          &nb=


Pluto in Leo   &nbsp=
;            &n=
You are very sensitive (even vulnerable) when it comes to expressing yourse=
lf and getting it out. Periods of intense creative incubation enable you to=
go through changes and inner growth. Development of a playful creative int=
ensity is great for creating works of music, poetry, art and drama. The sen=
sitive issues of child rearing my also be an area of concern, such as abuse=
and neglect, and the healing of childhood trauma. There is great potential=
here for mastering the transformative power of Love.



House Activity and Emphasis

Astrologers agree that astrology is first o=
f all the study of the angular relationships  between the planets them=
selves. But this planetary framework is seen to shift  and modify itse=
lf as the planets slowly move across the backdrop of the signs,  the s=
o-called ‘fixed stars’ which make up the zodiac. As the earth turns daily&n=
bsp; on its axis, the planets and signs appear to move across our field of =
vision through  what astrologers have termed ‘houses’. The sun rises a=
t dawn and can be seen on  the eastern horizon, or first house cusp, o=
r ascendant. It reaches ‘midheaven’  at noon, and sinks below the west=
ern horizon at the descendant.
Like the twelve signs of the zodiac, =
the twelve houses of the horoscope can be  viewed as stages in a compl=
ete cycle: From the initial thrust of Aries and the  first house, to t=
he maximum entropy symbolised in Pisces and the 12th house. They  prov=
ide clues as to which areas of your life can be given special attention and=
  used depending on the signs and planets residing there. Here is an a=
nalysis of  the house activity in your chart based on sign and planet =
emphasis. As you read  along, keep in mind that each house represents =
a department of life, and the sign  falling on each house cusp indicat=
es the mode of action applied to the affairs  of that house. In other =
words, the sign on each house cusp, along with any planet(s)  containe=
d therein, shows how one deals with the conditions of that house. &nbs=


The First House

The first house, also called the ascendant =
or rising sign, is a dharma house and  connected with motivation and o=
ur approach to life. It also has to do with how  we come across to oth=
ers, thus our appearance and how we make a first impression.  The asce=
ndant is the essential stuff that bubbles up in us spontaneously – what&nbs=
p; is obvious to others as our trademark look or approach. The first house =
shows  our ability to be recognised, how we make a directed effort, an=
d how we exert  our will. Cultivate the strategies of this part of you=
r chart to move forward  in life.      &=


Gemini on the 1st House Cusp Gemini is concerned with connections, communication and logic — voice, =
thoughts, writing, and rational mental processes in general. It is also con=
cerned with making comparisons, ‘twins’ and duplications of all kinds. Gemi=
ni is the communicator, the gossip of the zodiac, the collector of trivia=
=2E Gemini energy is unattached, independent, very inquisitive and changabl=



The Second House

The second house is connected with matters =
of wealth; how we respond to, enjoy  and get in harmony with our surro=
undings. This is how we hold or acquire things  (possessions, material=
goods, money, and other resources), and how we gain material  support=
and sustenance. The second house refers to how we secure ourselves, how&nb=
sp; we make a firm foundation, as well as the kind of response we get from =
life and  those around us. Therefore it has much to say about our mate=
rial rewards.          &n=


Cancer on the 2nd House Cusp Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, always making a home, protecting and=
providing a foundation for others. A sensitive sign where feelings and rea=
l experience count more than cold logic, it doesn’t get any more physical a=
nd emotional than this. Cancer energy is always nurturing, sensitive, tende=
r and moody. It feeds on emotional comforts, and often has a strong attachm=
ent to the past and ancestry.


Uranus in the 2nd House  =
You tend to have individual and original ways of earnin=
g and spending money. Your financial affairs are likely to be erratic at ti=
mes and prone to sudden changes, for better or worse. Financial gains may c=
ome through the sciences and technological fields, electronics and inventio=
ns, or the utilization of an unusual or unique personal talent.


The Third House

The third house shows how we make connectio=
ns and communicate with the world.  This is where we draw parallels, m=
ake comparisons, and sort through it all. A  very mental house, it is =
concerned with finding, gathering, all manner of questioning,  articul=
ation and conversation. In short, it symbolises the functions of the ration=
al  mind – linking observations and ideas, and using them to our advan=


Leo on the 3rd House Cusp =
Leo energy is expressive, vital and exuberant. Often very artistic, and alw=
ays theatrical and dramatic, this is the sign of creativity and the arts. W=
arm and big-hearted, Leo lives in full appreciation and celebration of the =
finer elements of life, bringing a dynamism and enthusiasm to everything it=
touches. This is the fearless ‘becoming’ stage, where things are done for =
their own sake, playfully and with pleasure. 


Pluto in the 3rd House  &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
You often feel compelled to express your ideas and=
opinions, and can be a tough negotiator. However, you do know how to keep =
something in reserve, and when to play your ace. At best, you are a command=
ing and persuasive communicator; at worst, you can be domineering and caust=
ic. A good detective or researcher, you have a talent for getting to the bo=
ttom of things. Relationships with relatives or neighbors can sometimes be =
intense and problematic.


The Fourth House

The fourth house is a very emotional house,=
concerned with matters of comfort  and security. Here is how we creat=
e the right conditions, the matrix or womb,  in which our desires can =
flourish; the climate necessary for things to grow. It’s  about recept=
ivity, nurturing and all the self-protective measures we take to ensure&nbs=
p; a secure base of operations. This is why the fourth house is related to =
the mothers,  all ‘mothering’ functions, domestic issues and feeling ‘=
at home’.           =


Leo on the 4th House Cusp =
Leo energy is expressive, vital and exuberant. Often very artistic, and alw=
ays theatrical and dramatic, this is the sign of creativity and the arts. W=
arm and big-hearted, Leo lives in full appreciation and celebration of the =
finer elements of life, bringing a dynamism and enthusiasm to everything it=
touches. This is the fearless ‘becoming’ stage, where things are done for =
their own sake, playfully and with pleasure. 



The Fifth House

The fifth house, another dharma or ‘life pu=
rpose’ house, has to do with creativity  and warm out-going self-expre=
ssion. Here is where we find our originality and  flair, enthusiasm, a=
nd even pride in ourselves, building confidence and self-esteem.  This=
is the life area of personal sovereignty, where we begin to recognise and&=
nbsp; appreciate our own dynamic and playful nature. All forms of creative =
expression  (including love affairs and offspring) are connected with =
this house.          &nbs=


Virgo on the 5th House Cusp Virgo energy is analytical and precise, always separating out what is wor=
thwhile and worth  supporting from that which is outmoded and of no fu=
rther use. A mental earth sign, here the mind takes control over matter. Th=
is is the sign of ‘ways and means’, implementation, instrumentation, physic=
al effectiveness and efficiency. Virgo energy is always facilitating, often=
caring more for others than for itself. 


Venus in the 5th House  &=
nbsp;           &nbs=
You have a strongly romantic nature and will proba=
bly experience many affairs of the heart. You know how to live and how to e=
njoy life’s pleasures. You are easy-going, popular and well-liked, and othe=
r people are attracted to you for your infectious sense of fun. Children, i=
n particular, find you easy to get along with. You appreciate the arts, and=
are probably artistically talented in some form of creative expression, es=
pecially in the performing arts.

Mars in the 5th House  &n=
bsp;           &nbsp=
With regard to matters of the heart, the thri=
ll of the chase can be everything for you. A born romantic, you are ardent,=
passionate and enthusiastic about pursuing the object of your affection. L=
ikewise, suitors can be just as ardent and determined in their pursuit of y=
our affections. You have a competitive spirit and may excel in a sport or r=
ecreational activity. You enjoy expressing your leadership abilities and ma=
y coach or tutor others. You can also be impulsive and reckless with regard=
to speculations or gambling.

Saturn in the 5th House  =
You could find it difficult to let go and express your =
feelings, and so tend to be cautious and restrained. Feeling creative may a=
lso be difficult, for you are very hard on yourself in this area. You may h=
ave avoidance reactions with children, and tend to be too strict with them=
=2E Your critical faculties are very keen however, and once you turn your a=
nalytical light on, you tend to be relentless in your appraisal. This could=
make working in a creative capacity difficult because you tend to be too s=
crutinizing, but others know they can rely on you to carry the heaviest loa=

Neptune in the 5th House &nbsp=
;            &n=
You tend to have a dreamy and idealistic view on love matter=
s, and are inclined to expect more than is possible of a lover; which can l=
ead to let downs or disappointments in love. You are prone to romantic long=
ings and seducing influences, or even secret love affairs. You also have an=
appreciation of the arts, and may have a talent for dance, drama and music=


The Sixth House

The sixth house is the house of physical ef=
ficiency. Here we separate the wheat  from the chaff; get a sense for =
what is useful, what is not, and make the best  of it. This is the lif=
e stage of ‘apprenticeship’, where we make a connection  between mind =
and matter, adapt ourselves to a situation and then seek to improve  u=
pon it. Hence the connection of the sixth house with routine; ‘practice mak=
es  perfect’. The sixth house shows how well we handle the details of =
life – our ability  to solve problems and get our way.  &nbs=


Scorpio on the 6th House Cusp Scorpio is intense, passionate, and very personal. It rushes past super=
ficialities and right to the heart of any matter. A loyal friend but a fana=
tic foe, this sign does well in politics and all areas where someone who da=
res is rewarded. Associated with sexual energy, Scorpio loves to get involv=
ed, going down deeper, coming up dirtier, and laying bare anything that lie=
s hidden there. 


Sun in the 6th House  &nb=
sp;            =
Work matters are always important to you=
, and you achieve recognition in life through developing and expressing spe=
cific skills and expertise. You like routines and consistency in your work =
and are well suited to employment in the service industries. You also like =
to be of service to others; however, you need to guard against being taken =
advantage of or exploited. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is impo=
rtant to you, as your vitality levels can fluctuate. An interest in health =
and hygiene may incline you to medical work or a related field.

Moon in the 6th House  &n=
bsp;           &nbsp=
You are motivated by the urge to be of servic=
e and to care for the needs of others, which makes you especially well suit=
ed to the helping or caring professions. An inter-relationship exists betwe=
en your emotional state, your health and your ability to work effectively=
=2E You may be prone to bouts of hypochondria or problems at work through o=
ver-sensitivity to others or the work environment. You are likely to have a=
strong affection for pets and animals.


The Seventh House

The seventh house, the descendant – opposit=
e of the ascendant – is connected with  partnerships, relationships an=
d ‘significant others’. Here is where we learn to  strike a balance – =
the art of give and take. All that carries us beyond our personal  sel=
f (and into an awareness of contradictory or complementary points of view)&=
nbsp; is symbolised by the seventh house. This is where we respond to the p=
ersonal needs  of others. Therefore marriage and union (yoga) are indi=
cated by this house, as  well as one’s ability to respond to a marriag=
e partner.          &nbsp=


Sagittarius on the 7th House Cusp Sagittarius is nothing if not direct, candid, and to the point, for=
this sign is always concerned with the absolute truth of the subject at ha=
nd. Associated with philosophy, outreach and all things boundless, Sagittar=
ian energy is always welcome in politics as well as social and community en=
deavors where its basic fairness and expansiveness is helpful. 


Mercury in the 7th House &nbsp=
;            &n=
You are attracted to people who are intelligent, witty and c=
ommunicative and seek these attributes in a partner. Mental rapport with ot=
hers is important to you and, in personal relationships, this may take prec=
edence over emotional interaction. You need to feel that you can discuss an=
y aspect of your relationship with your partner. You are well suited to pub=
lic relations work, as you enjoy meeting people and dealing with the public=
in general, though under certain conditions, verbal, written or commercial=
dealings with others can be difficult.


The Eighth House

The eighth house is the house of first-hand=
transformative experiences and situations  – those areas of life that=
we may not care to face, but we must face sooner or  later… the so-=
called ‘inevitables’ of life, such as death and taxes. The eighth  is =
also concerned with catharsis; the getting rid of excess parts of ourselves=
  that we no longer need. This house covers initiations of all kinds, =
as well as  activities where we find ourselves transformed toward a mo=
re integral position.  Thus it also covers any jointly held resources,=
their problems and their benefits.      &nbs=


Capricorn on the 8th House Cusp Capricorn is the business head of the zodiac, for it is the very oppo=
site of the emotional Cancer. Given to clear ambition and practical insight=
and vision, this sign always takes a distanced perspective and a cool appr=
aisal. Deliberate and painstaking, sometimes to the point of austerity, Cap=
ricorn loves work and the hard-earned results. Status and material reward a=
re very important. 



The Ninth House

The ninth house shows where we are willing =
to go beyond our everyday experience  in search of meaning. Traditiona=
lly the house of ‘long journeys’, the ninth house  is where we take jo=
urneys both of the body and the mind. Philosophy, beliefs,  speculatio=
n, opinions and how we form them all belong to this house. Any time  w=
e reach out, explore new territory, or align our activities with something =
bigger,  we are operating in the realm of the ninth house. Along with =
Jupiter’s position,  here is where we can attract luck by keeping open=
and receptive to opportunities.       &=


Aquarius on the 9th House Cusp Aquarius, the sign of humanitarian goals and altruism. Always impartia=
l and nonsectarian,  Aquarian energy is communal (even global). The fo=
cus is on the goal, and the goal is always one that is for the many and not=
the few. Thus this sign is connected to far-seeing visions, world views an=
d group work of all kinds. This sign tends towards coolness, independence=



The Tenth House

The tenth house, commonly called the midhea=
ven, is the house of success and glory,  practical vision and achievin=
g a public distinction. Therefore one’s reputation  and career are oft=
en connected with this house. The sign on the tenth house cusp,  as we=
ll as any planets located therein, show how we can strive to be a benefit&n=
bsp; to – as well as how we can benefit from – society. The tenth house is =
about having  a goal in life and the self-determination to reach it. H=
ere is how we can ‘live  our calling’ and become self-piloting individ=


Aquarius on the 10th House Cusp Aquarius, the sign of humanitarian goals and altruism. Always imparti=
al and nonsectarian,  Aquarian energy is communal (even global). The f=
ocus is on the goal, and the goal is always one that is for the many and no=
t the few. Thus this sign is connected to far-seeing visions, world views a=
nd group work of all kinds. This sign tends towards coolness, independence=



The Eleventh House

The eleventh house is where we put our visi=
ons and dreams to work for others.  The most future-oriented of the ho=
uses, the eleventh shows our hopes and dreams,  and the opportunities =
we may have to reach them; how we can turn our dreams into  reality. T=
herefore this house has always been connected with altruistic and humanitar=
ian  goals, as well as having the self-authorisation to set them in mo=
tion. Inventive  and unusual, eleventh house activities often break fr=
om conformity, establishing  new and unprecedented states of being.&nb=


Pisces on the 11th House Cusp Pisces energy runs deep and toward the mystical — whatever transcends =
the everyday world. This sign is understanding, patient and compassionate=
=2E Super-sensitive, it tends to absorb it’s surroundings like a sponge. Th=
e sign is very trusting, accepting and giving of  itself for the sake =
of more important issues. It loves free-ranging activities which allow for =
some imaginative scope. 


Jupiter in the 11th House &nbs=
p;             =
You are likely to enjoy the patronage of many friends and the fav=
or of those in high positions. You may find it advantageous for your career=
advancement to belong to groups or societies. Likewise, you are kind and g=
enerous towards your friends and value their friendship. You are able to ac=
hieve things in life with the co-operation of others, due to a generally po=
sitive attitude and optimism. Your hopes and aspirations are realized thoug=
h, and you could make a career out of group or community work, or anything =
involving attempts to bring large-scale and humanitarian dreams and ideals =
to reality.


The Twelfth House

The twelfth house is where consciousness da=
wns – the house of the rising Sun.  This is the indeterminate state – =
the chaos before the new impulse – where all  is yet unfulfilled poten=
tialities. Traditionally this is the house of ‘sacrifice’,  and is oft=
en connected with prisons, betrayal and self-undoing. Although we can =
choose to become trapped and frustrated by the many obstructions to attain=
ing  our dreams, we can also choose to reach outward and upward to a m=
ore fulfilled  state, transcending the usual down-dragging conditions =
and rising above difficulties  – thus establishing a life nearer our i=
deal. Here in the twelfth house we have  the capacity to attain libera=
tion by using our visionary scope and working creatively  with life’s =
intangibles – the power of imagination!      =


Taurus on the 12th House Cusp Taurus is about drawing on the bounty of the earth, and seeking materia=
l security and physical safety there. It is the on-going, enduring, unchang=
ing and preserving element. Hightened sensory input is also important, for =
it is the mission of this sign to not only find a sense of place within the=
material realm, but to enjoy it to the fullest, becoming physically aware =
of, and bonding with the environment. 



Lastly, there is no ‘one and only’ reading of the birth chart. The symbo=
ls   of your horoscope change as your life changes – they mean on=
e thing in the life   of a youngster, and quite another in middle=
age. The mystery of the astrological   symbols, and part of thei=
r beauty, is that they are flexible enough to be relevant   and f=
ixed enough to be meaningful, allowing you to approach your horoscope again=
   and again with questions about past, present and future concer=


© 1993-2016 Chaos Astrology &nb=


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